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About Us​

Peter Korf de Gidts Antiquairs was established in 1978, specializing in antique European glass from the 16th and 17th century.  For more than 30 years his gallery in the Nieuwe Spiegelstraat area in the center of Amsterdam’s art and museum district was a key gathering place for scholars, collectors and customers to talk about their shared passions and learn more.

Now, Peter and his wife Wilma welcome clients in their loft at the Brouwersgracht in a quiet corner of the Jordaan neighborhood not far from the center of Amsterdam, where their extensive collection is showcased. Peter, the leading Dutch expert on antique glass, also offers lectures in the loft.

The Peter Korf de Gidts collection includes hard-to-find specialties including pre-1800 Venetian glass, Façon de Venise, and Rummers.  The collection also includes English, Low Countries, and Bohemian drinking glasses and tazzas in all varieties. 

Peter Korf de Gidts


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